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Harrie Goesten VOF
d'Oultremontweg 16-A
NL-5154 PD Elshout
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 416 37 35 55
Fax +31 416 38 05 48


At our modern company headquarters in Elshout, all activities take place under one roof. All the products we buy and sell are stored here under ideal climatological conditions. The storage and transhipment of the vast assortment takes place in warehousing facilities with a total surface area of 10,500 m2. Goesten's offices are also situated in d’Oultremontweg in Elshout.


The wholesale of fruit and vegetables is a fast-moving operation and the produce we buy in from auctions and suppliers in the Netherlands and other countries is often shipped directly to customers. It's almost impossible to get fresher products!


The company's modern computer system ensures that both the buying and selling processes run smoothly and efficiently. The computer system also provides up-to-date information so customers know what fresh products are available and can be delivered quickly on a daily basis.


The company's fleet of vehicles is operated entirely under own management. This means we can transport our fresh products fast and efficiently. Because of present strict quality requirements, having refrigerated transport facilities is essential. Goesten offers customers optimum quality in this respect - even if products have to be transported over long distances.


Harrie Goesten firmly believes in providing top-quality service for all groups of customers. Small-scale customers are never forgotten in this respect. Goesten supplies products to these customers using delivery vans. Customers can also come and collect their orders.


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