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Harrie Goesten VOF
d'Oultremontweg 16-A
NL-5154 PD Elshout
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 416 37 35 55
Fax +31 416 38 05 48


Harrie Goesten is a household name in the international wholesale of potatoes, fruit and vegetables and the market leader in a large number of products. Today's success would not, however, have achieved without the hard work and dedication of successive generations of the Goesten family.


In 1919, Wout Goesten was advised by his father to go to Den Bosch by horse and cart to sell clay-grown potatoes. During the war, the Goesten family was forced to move house several times. The family farm was burnt down, but after the war it became a successful base for serving old and new customers once again.


After the war, Wout Goesten's son Harrie took over the business when he was only fifteen and single-mindedly continued its expansion. In 1974, the first greengrocer's shop was opened in Den Bosch. Only four years later, the Goesten family operated 28 sales outlets in the Southern Netherlands.


The company moved into its present business location in 1993. The company is situated extremely favourably on the A59 motorway and has spacious accommodation with ample loading, unloading and parking facilities.


In 1994, Harrie's sons Walter and Leon Goesten, the third generation to take over the reins of the company, decided the time had come to specialise entirely in wholesale activities and the direct import & export of fruit and vegetable products. All the greengrocer's shops were sold off to Harrie Goesten employees.


At the moment, the fourth generation of the Goesten family is enthusiastically active in this dynamic and fast-growing company. Goesten is therefore a true family business.


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